A Marvel of Science

15 Laws of everyday Physics easily explained through a short Story. The
applications are genuine & worthy of appreciation as to how Science has
affected our lives & made Life so comfortable. Ideal for children who find Physics uninteresting.

Major Sandeep lifted his 6 feet, four-inch frame from the bed & slowly walked to
the washroom. “Hell what a job, after a hectic briefing session last night, now this
exciting flight to Siachen at 0600h”. As he immersed his huge frame into the bathtub with a hot cup of coffee he felt light & relaxed. Little did he know that Archimedes Principle was in play as the upward thrust of water he felt in the tub was because of the water he had displaced. Unknown in the background, the hum of the air conditioner maintained a steady temperature of 22 degrees Celsius putting the Avogadro’s Law to work as the room was under a steady temperature & pressure allowing an equal number of molecules of all gases in the room ( Nitrogen / Oxygen / Argon/ traces of others) to help in cooling & maintaining the desired temperature.

Flipping a toast from the toaster for that burnt astringent taste he preferred with
his second cup of coffee, he vaguely recollected that Ohm’s Law was the reason
for the current to be passing proportionally between the socket & plug as there
was a potential difference across the two points. As the driver put the key into the
car’s ignition & gunned the engine of the customized Jeep. Tyres screeched as the
vehicle overcame Inertia (Newton’s First Law of Motion) and the driver patiently
awaited the arrival of his boss. Sandeep always travelled light; a knapsack was all
he ever carried. As he jumped into the rear seat, his driver gave him a customary salute & put the vehicle into gear & set it to motion accelerating on the highway to the Airport.

The force generated while speeding on the highway was phenomenal as the engine was
tweaked for better performance & the overall mass of the Jeep kept lighter.
(Newton’s Second Law of Motion).

Arrival at the Airport was chaotic as the early morning passengers were
frenetically moving with their belongings in all directions. As the Jeep came to a
halt, Major Sandeep felt something pull in him back in his seat from the direction
of travel. (Newton’s Third Law of Motion) For every action, there is an equal &
opposite reaction. He laughed under his breath as this was also an important
tactical lesson he always remembered while facing the enemy.

Meanwhile, the turboprop, twin-engine Fokker Friendship aircraft sputtered on
the tarmac & the pilot gave last minute instructions to the mechanic to fix the problem as the force between the electrical charges to fire the high octane fuel
had reduced due to doubling of distance between the charges (Coulomb’s Law)
due to a recent modification in the engine.

Sandeep wore a black jacket to ward off the early morning cold. As he stepped
into the aircraft he kept on wearing the jacket as it would help him in absorbing &
later radiating heat energy (Stefan’s Law) during his mission & the HALO jump.
The engine of the aircraft revved after a brief communication with the ATC & the
pilot released the air brakes & checked the rudder. All external controls were
based on hydraulics. Thus the pressure applied to the controls in the pilot’s cabin
was transmitted to every part of the hydraulic fluid without a loss (Pascal’s Law).

At the rear end of the aircraft hung two parachutes of varying dimensions from
identical suspended springs fastened to hooks in the fuselage. The lighter one
weighing 09 Kgs hung at half a distance from the heavier one weighing 18 Kgs.
(Hooke’s Law) Sandeep reminded himself to wear the lighter one used for free
fall HALO jumps two hours into the journey.

Now the aircraft was taxi tracking on the tarmac with a whine & ever increasing
speed of the propellers, after a short run Sandeep felt a sudden lift (Bernoulli’s
Principle) & the aircraft was airborne as it climbed gently over the sleeping
town. As the pilot gave the engines more gas & worked the speed to cover the
distance quickly & the plane climbed to gain altitude the pressure in the cabin was
maintained & volume of air (gases) kept under control to avoid discomfort
(Boyle’s Law).

After two hours of flight, Sandeep was all strapped & ready for his jump, the NCO
gave him a second round of checks & the red light with hooter went on, the cabin
door opened & he felt a sudden blast of low pressure & temperature as the
temperature in the cabin dropped to zero & further down (Charle’s Law)  on a
thumbs up from the Jump Master he was out with his arms & legs spread-eagled
into the early morning sky over Siachen.

As he jumped out he could see the Sun rising over the horizon & the Moon slowly
fading away. He wondered how such beautiful phenomenon’s of nature occurred
& how an entire solar system lay suspended in space with each planet going
around the Sun in a disciplined orbit (Kepler’s Law) As he went down with
amazing speed in a free fall he saw different colors because of the scattering of
light from small particles suspended in the sky (Tyndall Effect).

As he hurtled down towards the target area, his oxygen cylinder was emptying at
a fast rate diffusing the available oxygen gas (Graham’s Law) into his lungs &
avoiding a blackout due to oxygen starvation. He looked for the target area under
the clear blue sky & gave a gentle tug to the lever opening his main parachute
4000 feet above the ground.

He was on a mission to kill, philosophically he thought to himself, the enemy I
eliminate today will again be reborn somewhere. The first law of thermodynamics
will always remain true as energy can never be created nor destroyed but only
transferred from one form to the other (Law of Conservation of Energy).


2 thoughts on “A Marvel of Science

  1. Sir impressive write up on BATNA. Simple yet very well described.
    On Empathy….Leaderships’ prerequisite…..is indeed missing in today’s scenario.

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