Original Wit – One Liners & More

1. Under occupation a Nation produces only four kinds of people. Cooks, Clerks , Coolies & Toadies ( yes men)

2. Class is not only how well you talk ( communicate) it is also how well you behave.

3.  I am  an Army, Infantry, Specialist Doctor, I do implants, I implant bullets. I do this as a profession, but as a humane  measure, I give free bullet implants to terrorists & anti -nationals.

4. Who cares if some one works hard ? a mule does this ( hard work) all day long. What matters is efficiency.

5. Efficiency is adhering to office hours,clearing files in time, reaching home with clock work precision, at the precise hour, it has its uses, but are you effective ??

6. Where you are going depends a lot on where you are coming from.

7. Sitting behind a big desk, in a big office, with big sounding titles will never make you big. You are truly big when your writ runs beyond your office verandah in your absence. 

8. What is there in it for me ( greed)? is the summary of most humans on planet earth. Build your narrative, spinning answers around this & you have willing sheep ready for the slaughterhouse.

9. Look before you leap is good advice, but if you look too long you never leap at all.

10. As an Officer / Leader you are never late for an assignment, the best cover up is “running behind schedule due to other important committments”.

11. At times the writing on the wall is not in bold print / font or maybe your eyes are faltering due to old age. Quit honourably before you are unceremoniously removed.

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